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The False Polarity of War and Peace
Reflections, January 11, 2011jsc

   The debate between war and peace comes down to this: metaphysics. War is a state of doing. Peace is a state of being. A mismatched polarity means underlying structural instability in the nature of Being. (Heidegger) 

   Peace is a state of mind, the inner calm that comes from knowing I am safe from harm in the arms of goddess of Justice, first according to local tradition and custom. And, if local law enforcement is out gunned, bring in global law enforcement backup by global Special Forces. Fear of the law a necessary condition for the authority of law. Law is a state of doing. 

   War is a state of doing, the god of war aroused for the purpose of terrorizing into submission or death. The warrior is sworn to obey the god of war.  In a world without war the  warrior sworn to  justice. 

   There are many great evils, but the terror of war unbounded, terrorism by any other name, is the most horrific of all. Likewise, there are many forms of justice, and we assert that a justice grounded in love and compassion is best of all. The closest we will get to heaven on earth. Justice, the book of law in one hand the sword in the other. The rule of law must be enforced for peace to prevail.  The rule of law, just law justly applied. 

   Given an educated choice, humans will choose justice in a fair court, imperfect as that may be, over the perfection of war. For is not peace humanity's greatest common prayer? But, in the face of grave injustice, when Ontic evil is upon us, when seeking peace is only going to help the enemy prepare for war - as British Prime Minister Chamberlain learned before World War II - war becomes the only real choice. Or so it seems. And, war has served humanity for ill and well as a major formulating dynamic in human development. 
    We must give war its due. And, it is time to put the god of war to rest. 

   Here is the metaphysical problem. An eidetic reduction (Husserl) performed to understand the essential nature of these phenomenon, war and peace, and a similarly inquiry into the relationship of law and terror, finds that the true opposite of war is not peace as is common wisdom, but law. And vice versa, as the true opposite of peace is not war, but terror. Observe carefully and see clearly: from the rule of war comes terror, and from the rule of law comes peace. These are phenomenological experiences all can validate. Close your eyes and create a sense of inner peace, and then imagine what in an instant would destroy that. See a blinding light, hear a horrific roar, and feel arrows of death everywhere at once burning and screaming the fires of hell upon your flesh. That will wake you up. To say war is the opposite of peace is a bit like saying the opposite of right is up. It is common wisdom that false (wrong-headed) beliefs lead to immoral (wrong hearted) actions. When we accept as true what is false and act on this, we perpetuate a dance of energies in the domains of war and peace that is the cause of greatest of all human created sufferings. War. Sadly I note the USA is in a state of perpetual war, a great victory for the neoconservative agenda who believe perpetual war is "good" for us. The great master of war Sun Tzu predicted that war for the sake of war is the road to defeat, and more so, is Evil. In view of this authority, why are our generals agreeing to war for the sake of war? For what cause they betray their Commander in Chief and President? The military industrial complex warned about by President Eisenhower might be a start to an answer.  

   What we believe (Descartes) is of utmost importance, and given what is at stake in our time (World War III), we had better get this right. Since we comprehend the world around us by means of our inner beliefs, clearly false beliefs result in poor "reality testing".

   It is a law of human nature that wrongly matched dyads or polarities will cause our "Being" to be in turmoil and with unnecessary suffering the result. Moreover, the natural law of balance assure us that nature will be peaceful when opposites are reasonably equal in strength, and the rules of engagement are based on the law fulfilled with Love. When one member of a pair of opposites is considerably stronger and more so the oppressor of the other, the human relationship is experienced as a spinning top: In this analysis peace, seen as feminine and weak, and is overpowered by war, perceived as masculine and strong. We wobble till we stop and the world ends. Or at least the world as we know it. This will continue as long as the human race remains patriarchical dominant

   Undoing false metaphysical assumptions requires us to break up the unequal and unnatural pairings, and in the case of our study, war and peace, and by extension terror and war. This is the starting point: From birth we are taught to pair war and peace and once learned becomes unconsciously accepted as truth, an unchallenged belief. With analysis what we find is that the true opposite of war is law, just as the true opposite of peace is terror. We know these to be true because we share the common experience of peace and its fundamental opposite in the dance of war. Consciously placing, making the choice to put these four players in their proper relationship; war is to terror as law is to peace, and whole new universes will arise before us. 

   One of these universes is the next step in global governance named until history decides on the name, World of Nations Let's get real: a globalizing humanity will need a globalized justice system, just as a village needs customs of law to settle disputes and punish the guilty. World War III may be avoided by such action, and maybe not, but one thing is clear: it is matter of shared vision, shared will, shared money to be on the right side of history. Again, let's get real: War costs. So will Peace. There will be those who believe and support war, so the struggle will not be without bloodshed. It is a question of blood shed for what and why? Blood, shed to protect the innocent from injustice under the law. Blood will need to be shed to protect the innocent always as long as humans are free to do what is unjust and unloving and evil.

   The question is: In whose name is blood shed ? The god of war or the goddess of justice. 

   Let us be clear: From war comes terror, from law comes peace. This is the proper relationship of these phenomena and with this metaphysical realignment, the path to ending the age of terrorism peacefully. Mission.
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