Anti-War and Pro-Environment Do Two Step to Save Globe Earth : The Age of Peace

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Anti-War and Pro-Environment Do Two Step to Save Globe Earth

by Jan Stephen James Cavanaugh, Ph.D. on 04/19/19

Anti-War and Pro-Environment Do Two Step to Save Globe Earth

April 17, 2019jsc

Anti-war and pro-environment forces must join in common cause; the evidence is overwhelming; these forces are highly interdependent variables: a land, water, food and safe shelter challenged humanity, suffering horrific injustices, when the default position is war, is humanity headed for catastrophe. 2019 and Globe Earth is like the 737 E … all kinds of red lights and loud warnings … a globe Earth crash is unavoidable without change.  The headlines are clear humanity is heading into a series of more and more serious events, culminating in an Event. [David Wallace-Wells, The Uninhabitable Earth: Life After Warming]

This environmental “Iceberg” is coming as surely as the dawn.  Will it be of such magnitude as to awaken global consciousness? Do we rise to be global family and build a global civilization ruled by law, or do we trust war and eat each other for lunch in the prolonged winter of globe Earth gone dark?  In this way the two forces’ efforts are not just interdependent but two sides of the same coin.

In the matter global law the first big step has been taken … our grandparent’s work ours to finish, the Kellogg Briand Pact of 1928, the law against war is on the books unenforced.  Building the global legal structures needed to enforce the law against war, not only removes this greatest of evil, but more so these structures become the foundation for enforcement of global environmental laws to save our planet from catastrophe, a two-step dance.

For academics and theoreticians committed to end war there is only one question.  How to excite and motivate earth citizens to vote for leaders to put into place the platforms of global justice, like the excitement in 1928 regenerated in 2020 to enforce KPG.  War will end when humanity votes to end it. How to generate the energy to make that happen what is now doable in human development?

How to change the story from war to peace is the 64,000 dollar question.  

The really good news is while our grandparents were limited in enforcement reach because they did not have the tools to make it happen. We do: IT and global reach. Nothing spoke here beyond doing but for collective imagination and united will.

What is proposed is an end of war strategy in which the medium is the method to lay the legal and regulatory foundations for just stewardship of planet Earth. Collective injustices will require collective measures.  The biggest challenges in ending war are psychological and spiritual: letting go and trusting. 

What is needed to make change happen? Numbers to become the critical mass needed for change. Anti-war and pro-environment forces in large numbers in one voice in one occupied space chanting meme “End War Forever” will get the attention of media. Once the media’s attention and the story of ending war and more on the evening news, end of war is near. United in ending war, a billion strong across Gia in one occupied virtual space ready and able to vote for leaders to end war and war can end.

Occupy what space and where? In imago: Occupy virtual space in PeaceMonkPark2050 on the northeast corner of Avenue War and Peace Street. The goal is to march humanity down Peace Street and Age of Peace. Perhaps the Event the turning point, seeing the catastrophe unless a change of course, humanity ready to vote for leaders to build a global civilization ruled by law.

How to occupy? Guest Book, Your name and country is all that is required to occupy virtual space to be part of writing the story to end war.  Your children’s grandchildren will sing your praises.


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