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This Progressive Considering Vote Trump Peace 2020

by Jan Stephen James Cavanaugh, Ph.D. on 01/08/19


This Progressive Considering Vote Trump Peace 2020

JanStephen Cavanaugh, Ph.D., Global Human Development, Inc.

January 3, 2019

From my progressive soul I only rarely agree with President Trump on matters domestic. That’s politics, Democrats lost and he is honoring his promises. I see him lean left to make a deal and observe he is held hostage by extremism on his right. His situation made worse by Democratic leadership that is old, unimaginative and mean spirited. Hard to make a grand deal when other side offers so little that is grand. Let’s play, you want a wall, we want total immigration reform, game. Win-win, both and beyond duality kind of thinking! Compromise like our Founders did!

On matters foreign, President Trump deserves great credit. History will judge him correct in labelling recent wars, “stupid wars”. History will judge us, unkindly, for paying trillions many, many times over for wars and empire power games that made us unsafe. Pay Attention: National security threats are from within not without. History will tell how our generals sold out to military industrial complex and as Eisenhower warned now endless war. Most esteemed military philosopher Sun Tzu cautions endless war ends in catastrophic war. President Trump, the great disrupter, is putting an end to all that craziness. Trump is right, main stream press is telling the story of his peace initiatives with bias.  Should the Democrats not rediscover their “’Great Society” soul lost in muck of Vietnam …  this progressive, assuming President Trump has not undone himself or caved in, considering vote Trump Peace 2020.

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