Trump and Putin Nobel Peace Prize 2020 and 2024 : The Age of Peace

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Trump and Putin Nobel Peace Prize 2020 and 2024

by Jan Stephen James Cavanaugh, Ph.D. on 05/29/17

Trump and Putin Nobel Peace Prize 2020 and 2024

May 12, 2017jsc

Trump is right on Russia. Russia can be our greatest ally and friend in setting the stage for peaceful relations among all peoples and nations. Or could be if we would stop making war on them! Yes Russia acts in ways that seem hostile, but it is we who walked up to Russian borders. How would we feel if Russian missile batteries in Mexico? Or Quebec? We must not only see the stick it our brothers and sisters eye, but first attend to the beam in our own say the Holy Ones.

As history shows, time and time again, efforts to end war have failed. Peace is a hard sell.  In recent history Kennedy and Khrushchev; Kennedy killed and Khrushchev banished as those who trusted war won the day.  Gorbachev in 1986 offered to destroy all nuclear weapons by 2000. Reagan got weak kneed and compromised.  Imagine if Reagan had the courage to say “yes” and we followed such a course.  Instead in 2017 we have a humanity ever more threatened by nuclear destruction.

Imagine if we “American’s” really trusted the operative concept in the Preamble to our Constitution, justice ensures tranquility, the sine qua non of peace.  And in an act of imagination Trump and Putin project that concept onto the global stage, a doctrine of peace, the Kellogg Briand Pact given the global authority to enforce the law against war.  

Instead on social media evidence of an American consciousness traumatized during the cold war still evident in the bias on the evening news. Russia is to be feared. Russia is the enemy. Distrust is fostered. Law is not to be trusted.

It is evident this distrust and fear  is being manipulated by the military industrial complex to favor those who favor war … all options on the table … America at high noon guns drawn.

In these ways Trump faces serious head wind in pursuing a Pro Peace Pro-Russia policy not only from a still traumatized WWII Cold War “America”, but a President who seems to get in the way of himself every day perhaps in impeachable ways.  In love as in politics timing is everything.

Trump is right on Russia. Friendship with Russia is the right direction for history.  

I challenge Trump and Putin to take up Gorbachev’s challenge, updated: destroy all nuclear weapons by 2030. Russia and United States of America united at the United Nations to  end war. A global peace conference to lead humanity in standing down from war and the objective of all humanity obeying the law against war by 2050, ushering in the Age of Peace.

Change the story on the evening news and change history … 

Trump and Putin Nobel Peace Prize 2020 and 2024 and maybe beyond …

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